Johnson & Johnson

UX | Summer 2018

Over the summer I joined J&J’s Digital Experience Design team as an intern. Throughout the internship I was able to work on 3 different projects. This project below was a collaborative effort with 5 other interns in different capabilties. Together we took a look at J&J’s existing Wistem2D program and suggested solutions to help reorganize and promote the program. My role as a UX intern was to help visually organize the user journey, create a suggested website layout, and help out with compiling and organizing data gathered from interviews and research.

Collaboration with Cameron Absher, Lauren Budzich, Danielle Moalem, Gerald Wicks, and Katherine Strong

Programs used: Sketch, InDesign, Illustrator 

User Journeys
Here we mapped out the current state of J&J’s WISTEM2D program and tried to navigate the process through our user personas. We found that it was difficult to find information about the program, with many users applying through someone else’s recommendation.

The redesign of the website was to focus more on the applicants and cater towards their age group (University) and to offer more information regarding what the program is and how to apply. 

In addition to the redesign of the web, we felt that because most of our users would be in college/university having some sort of merch could help the program gain more exposure and encourage others to apply. 

My Experience
Coming into the internship I was interested in UI/UX, but I didn’t really have a ton of knowledge in terms of flows, prototyping, and UX thinking in general. I gained a lot of exposure to what it’s like to design for a specific user and really think about design and how it can be of service to others. I was pushed to think beyond just colors and typefaces, and to think about how I can utilize design to improve an experience. I’m really grateful for being able to learn under the DxD team and they’ve really reshaped the way I approach my work.  

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