Branding | Spring 2018

In this project I was given the opportunity to work under the guidance of Giselle Archibald, a designer working for Under Armour. She gave us the task of creating our own apparel brand. The final deliverables would be a logo, apparel, advertisements, and social media content.

Programs used: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

Figuring Out the Brand
In terms of athletic apparel, I was inspired by street wear and the lines and colors of tennis/basketball courts. I knew I wanted this brand to be really bright, colorful and to have this feel-good energy. After coming up with the name “bounce”, I struggled to create a logo that could encompass these traits and ended up creating different variations of the logo. I settled on a variation where the “o” can change to a multitude of sports. 

Designing the Clothes
I didn’t want to overcomplicate the clothing itself, so I decided to keep it simple by showing different t-shirt applications. 

Social Media and Other Applications

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