Bad Bar

Branding | Art Direction | Photography | 2018–2019

badbar is a self driven project inspired by the idea of late night binging and bringing out “your inner monster.” We created branding for a late night bar that would feed off your wildest cravings. This project is still under construction, but here is some of our progress.

Collaboration with Morgan Smith
Programs used: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Cinema 4D

We wanted badbar to feel bright, fun and rebellious. The juxtaposition of two typefaces, Integral CF Bold and Space Mono, created a cool contrast. Rounding the corners made the lettering feel more friendly, matching our character illustrations.

Shooting these product shots in a dorm room was definitely a challenge, but I think we pulled it off pretty well. We tried to incorporate the brand colors through the colored paper backgrounds. 

As a fun bonus, we created merch to see how the brand could live outside of a restaurant setting. 

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